Vikram Solar Launches Next-Gen Higher Efficiency Series 6 PV Modules


Vikram Solar has announced the launch of its Series 6 modules- Somera and Prexos, with next-generation M6 type of cells- a superior, advanced technology module. The new Series 6 modules will provide higher power output of up to 505 watt-peak (Wp) and efficiency of more than 21%. The Series 6 modules are also cost-effective as it reduces the overall project cost and increases project-level cost savings for the customers.

The specially designed modules have less land requirements, subsequently leading to reduced costs pertaining to cabling, civil works and Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

The Series 6 multi-busbar (MBB) modules will be available in both the mono facial and bifacial categories and are called Somera Series 6 and Prexos Series 6 respectively. Both come with the technologically advanced M6 cell and Mono PERC technology and are available in variants ranging from 120, 144 and 156 half-cut cells. The 120 half-cut cell variant is exclusively for the US & International markets.

The technological advancements used to create the new Series 6 products ensure the MBB half-cut PV modules deliver higher performance even in low light and partial shadow environments. Thereby enabling solar power to be harnessed in earlier unviable sites and varied terrains. The modules have been designed with specially curated number and shape of busbars that ensure higher efficiency and boost module power and performance.

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