Vietnam Approves Roadmap for National Power Development Plan


The Government of Vietnam has signed a decision approving a roadmap for the implementation of the National Power Development Plan VIII (PDP VIII) for 2021-30, with a vision for 2050.

The approval aims to actively step up the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to help achieve the country’s 2050 net-zero target. As per the roadmap, by 2030, the total domestic capacities of thermal, liquified natural gas thermal, and coal-fired thermal power plants will be 14,930 MW, 22,400 MW, and 30,127 MW, respectively. Hydropower and pumped storage capacities will be 29,346 MW and 2,400 MW respectively, while the total capacities of offshore wind, onshore wind, and biomass power will be 6,000 MW, 21,880 MW, and 1,088 MW. Electricity generated from waste will be 1,182 MW, while the additional capacity of rooftop solar power will be 2,600 MW. The total capacity of battery storage is set at 300 MW.  In addition, electricity imported from Laos is projected to be around 5,000 MW, which could increase to 8,000 MW in favourable conditions with reasonable prices. The country is also projected to export 5,000-10,000 MW of renewable energy. The plan also specifies a list of crucial power transmission projects to link the domestic grids with those of neighbouring countries.

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