UPSIC :Supply and Installation of 20 KW Solar Power Plant

At Nagar Samudayik Swasthya kendra, Sarsaul, Kanpur Nagar


Tenders are here invited on behalf of the Managing Director, U.P. Small Industries Corporation Ltd., Kanpur for the Sealed item where tenders will be received up-to 15.00 hours (3:00 PM) by the Executive Engineer, UPSIC Ltd. It will be opened by his or her authorized representative at 15:30 hours (3:30 PM) on the office at Kanpur. Desired one are permitted to be present. The inspection will be opened and documents can be obtained from the office from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Money has to be deposited and may be offered in the shape of Bankers Cheque /FDR in favor of U.P. Small Industries Corporation Ltd., Kanpur. According to the Tender, Sales Tax and other taxes shall be payable by the contractor. It will remain open for acceptance for a period of four months to the date of opening of tenders.

Convassing in connection with the tenders is strictly prohibited and submitted by the tenders who report to convassing are liable to be rejected. All rate shall be quoted on the form of bill of quantity supplied by the U.P. Small Industries Corporation Ltd., Tenders with rates quoted provided paper liable to be rejected.

According to the Tender Document, the option to tender is either on departmental design or to the design date prescribed by the UPSIC, it should however, be noticed that in case of alternative design the UPSIC takes on responsibility for arranging any foreign, exchange required for the purpose of materials or any other equipment. adopted the tender will have to submit details calculations and design for checking, no work will be done unless these are approved any modifications suggested by the UPSIC Ltd., The tender’s rates will remain valid for four months from the date of opening of tender. If within this period the tender is not accepted the Corporation have the right to revised his rates once the tender has been accepted.

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