Trina Storage ranked among Top 5 Storage Providers & Integrators by BloombergNEF


Trina Storage is ranked among global top 5 storage providers and integrators for its solid financial position, high-quality energy storage products and services, and globally stable supply chain capability in the Energy Storage System Cost Survey 2023 report issued by BloombergNEF.

Product: Trina Storage’s in-house 314Ah battery cell with excellent reliability

The report highlights the importance of batteries in energy storage systems. Battery makers and energy storage system providers are improving all components of an energy storage system.

Trina Solar acknowledges that the cell is a core component of the energy storage system and is committed to in-house battery cell research. Trina Solar has developed the 306Ah and 314Ah high-capacity battery cell with lifecycles of over 10,000. This was achieved through improvements in cycle time, intrinsically safe construction, and energy density. These advantages create significant value for customers.

Technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing ensure high-quality products & systems delivered globally

Technological innovation and quality products are the key foundations of a company’s ability to deliver value to its customers worldwide. Trina Storage has established four R&D platforms: Energy Storage Battery Research Institute, Power Electronics Technology R&D Center, Energy Storage Engineering Technology Center, and Digital Energy Research Institute. The company has been accredited by UL, TÜV SÜD, and CNAS as a witness laboratory.

Trina Storage has built super factories for intelligent manufacturing in Chuzhou, Anhui province and Yancheng, Jiangsu province in China to ensure efficient delivery and full mass production of energy storage products. Trina Storage has a global presence, with business operations in Asia, the U.S., and Europe. It has delivered over 4GWh of products worldwide, with over 10GWh strong project pipeline.

A globally trusted brand

Helena Li, Executive President at Trina Solar said: “Trina Storage is vertically integrating with all core capabilities established including battery cell R&D, product, engineering, manufacturing as well as integration centers. Trina Storage’s high ranking demonstrates the trust of global customers in our technological innovation, product reliability, financing capability, and brand value.”

In future, Trina Storage will continue to provide highly efficient and reliable intelligent energy storage products and solutions with its leading technology, localized professional team & reliable services as well as excellent brand competitiveness to support the global green energy transformation, embracing the era of affordable photovoltaic storage systems.

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