Trina Storage delivers 50MWh energy storage system

Trina Storage delivers 50MWh energy storage system for an integrated Fishery-Solar-Storage project in Hubei Province, China


Trina Storage is proud to announce that it has delivered a fully integrated 50MWh energy storage system for a hybrid fishery-solar-storage project in Tianmen, Hubei province, China. The project, now successfully connected to the grid, has a PV installed capacity of 400MW and is further supported by this energy storage system.

The project is equipped with a 1500 VDC energy storage system, comprising ten 2.5MW/5MWh Trina Storage battery cabinets. The storage units have robust maintenance systems utilizing precision thermal management technology for uniform heat dissipation at rack level, leading to enhanced battery lifetime.

Advancing Sustainability – The Hybrid Fishery, Solar, and Storage Project

This project, installed over fish ponds, enables power generation on water and can be used for fish breeding underwater at the same time. It seamlessly blends sustainable farming with cutting-edge science and technology. These integrated endeavors yield multiple benefits including land preservation, energy efficiency, emission reduction, enhanced corporate productivity, and increased income for farmers, thus contributing positively to both the economy and the environment. Functioning as a fishery-solar-storage model, this initiative achieves a harmonious integration of photovoltaics and energy storage, enabling energy shifting, primary frequency regulation and various related applications.

Trina Storage is committed to pioneering technological advancements, dedicated to delivering flexible, high-performance, and inherently safe products to customers. At All-Energy Australia in October, Trina Solar introduced their latest generation utility scale battery product – Trina Storage Elementa 2, the 4MWh energy storage system, laying a solid foundation for the integrated PV and energy storage solutions. Elementa 2 has been especially designed to meet the needs of utility-scale energy storage customers and markets. With high energy density, it conveniently fits into a 20-foot container, streamlining transportation & logistics, targeting cost reduction and economic efficiency. Trina Storage’s vertically integrated production capabilities encompassing Trina-Cell, battery racks, and battery cabinets guarantee the utmost reliability and safety of its offerings.

Trina Storage is committed to an open, collaborative, and strategic approach, dedicated to driving the evolution of modern power systems. With the successful deployment of this innovative project, Trina Storage has once again demonstrated its expertise and leadership in the solar as well as energy storage sectors. This project underscores the company’s dedication to advancing renewable energy technologies and supporting sustainable development.

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