Texas Power Grid Avoid Failing In The Summer Heat

Renewable electricity provider Rhythm reveals Texans have serious anxiety about their summer energy bills and state's level of preparedness


TEXAS – Kicked off summer and brutal temperatures set in, a new survey showed that 68% of Texans don’t trust ERCOT and the Texas power grid to avoid failing in the summer heat.

That’s bad news for the 85% of Texans who said they can’t live without air conditioning during Texas summers. Renewable energy provider Rhythm conducted the recent survey of 804 Texans, which revealed Texas residents’ apprehension over rising energy costs and potential power outages.

“As we’ve just celebrated the first day of summer, and average temperatures in Texas will continue to climb over the next two months, the last thing Texans deserve to experience is outages, blackouts or shocks on their electricity bill,” said P.J. Popovic, CEO of Rhythm. “At Rhythm, we focus on offering 100 percent renewable, affordable energy plans and want to give our customers confidence in their energy provider.”

ERCOT recently asked Texas households to conserve energy as rising temperatures and generation outages create instability in the power grid with summer approaching. Unsurprisingly, the survey of Texans by Rhythm revealed that 71% of respondents want to take action to reduce their electricity usage. And nearly three out of four Texans are ready to lower their energy bill.

56% of Texans are willing to consider switching to renewable energy plans to power their home, which – with the right provider – can help homeowners and renters save money and do their part to support clean energy in Texas. Rhythm makes it easy to switch with plans powered by 100% Texas renewable sources, no hidden fees, and a pledge to help pay up to $150 in switchers’ early termination fees from their current provider.

“Based on this study, nearly half of Texans get true anxiety about their summer energy bill. That’s simply not okay,” said Popovic. “We want Texans to know we have your backs with transparent pricing, great service, and an easier energy experience. Switching to Rhythm is a breeze.”

The Texas summer heat is inevitable. When asked where the best place in Texas in the summer is, the No. 1 choice of Texans was “next to the AC vent in their own home.” If AC isn’t available, Texans surveyed said they’d like to be enjoying themselves at:

No. 2 – South Padre Island

No. 3 – Tubing the river

No. 4 – Schlitterbahn

Now through July 4, new customers who sign up for a Rhythm 36-month renewable energy plan will receive $25 toward their bill.

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