TCI Transportation Announces EV Acquisitions Program


TCI Transportation is launching a new EV Acquisitions Program, a full-blown zero emissions blitz that offers in-house EV planning, route analysis, grant assistance, and a comprehensive suite of medium and heavy-duty electric vehicle offerings. With its expertise in infrastructure, TCI Transportation is your one-stop-shop for all things zero emissions.

As governments continue to ramp up regulations to address climate change, the need for greener transportation solutions has never been more pressing. Trucking companies and fleets have a responsibility to act now and mitigate their carbon footprint.

“We believe that now is the time for trucking companies and fleets to take action,” said Ryan Flynn, Co-President of TCI Transportation. “In some areas, heavy duty transportation makes up to 40% of the pollution, and we are going to be a part of the solution in bringing that number down significantly.”

All fleets should care about this on a social level, but soon they will have no choice. California’s Rule 2305 (also known as the WAIRE Program) is imposing heavy fines for fleets that have not taken the first steps toward lowering their carbon footprint. Additionally, up to 15 states are implementing different parts of what California has adopted, meaning that more penalties will begin to be imposed in other regions.

TCI’s EV Acquisitions Program provides a solution to these problems by providing fleets in California and across the country with an easy way to transition to zero-emissions vehicles and avoid costly fines.

To support this announcement, TCI Transportation has hired internal EV experts, started a report process, and begun installing charging infrastructure. The company has even integrated zero-emissions vehicles into its service trucks. TCI has 20 Tesla tractors on order, along with 30 Class IV EVs, and 47 Lonestar Specialty Vehicles (LSV) Yard Tractors, providing proof that TCI is fully committed to transitioning to a zero-emissions future.

This EV Acquisitions Program fits into TCI Transportation’s larger story as the company aims to be number one in terms of green offerings. TCI has exponentially grown in recent years, and EVs are the next addressable market where the company can be impactful. “Our new EV Acquisitions Program is about taking the necessary steps and putting the proper personnel in place to be prepared for the nation’s transition to zero emissions vehicles,” says Flynn. “TCI is committed to providing our customers with the resources they need to make that transition, and our new EV Acquisitions Program will play a big part in that.”

This is a significant step forward for TCI Transportation and the transportation industry as a whole. By committing to a zero-emissions future, TCI is leading the charge in promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

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