Flux Power Announces UL Solutions List Status for G2 Series Battery Platform

Expanding Fortune 500 Customer Base Opens New Markets with Larger Fleets Featuring Next-Generation Heavy-Duty Battery Packs


Flux Power Holdings announced it has completed UL Solutions compliance testing to obtain third-party, science-backed certification for its next-generation clean energy battery technology. The new Flux Power G2 Series platform introduces a line of heavy-duty battery packs with safe, stable lithium iron phosphate chemistry.

“As we expand relationships with large fleets, the UL Solutions compliance investigation and subsequent UL Listed designation demonstrates our market leadership and commitment to developing the highest quality lithium-ion battery packs on the market for our Fortune 500 customers,” said CEO Ron Dutt. “Safety and durability will always be our highest priorities, and the UL Solutions Listed label underscores our company values and due diligence to ensure that all products undergo independent third-party testing and validation for safety, performance, and stability.”

The newly designed product portfolio includes new Flux Power models for order pickers, 36-volt narrow aisle trucks, and a broad range of GSE vehicles with heavy-duty battery packs optimized to deliver peak performance. Modular components can be configured to accommodate voltage and capacity requirements ranging from 24 to 80-volt, and from 210 to 840-amp hours (Ah). Active cooling and heating for demanding applications in warm or cold environments are new features to address a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications and protection from extreme temperature environments, overcharge/discharge, high current, and drive-away protection. In addition, IP (Ingress Protection) ratings as high as IP66 are now available to avoid water intrusion.

Following a cadence of successful test cycles for previous generations of Flux Power clean energy battery packs, UL Solutions has now authorized in-house compliance testing at the company’s manufacturing facility in Vista, Calif, with periodic onsite and virtual inspections from the UL Solutions team. UL Solutions closely monitors the test schedule and provides oversight at designated intervals throughout the approval process.

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