SUNWIN Smart City Trolleybus Showcases Innovation at the 2020 China International Bus Expo


Shanghai Sunwin Bus unveiled its three – double-source trolleybus, smart-driving bus and fuel cell electric bus – next-gen 9-series smart city buses at the China International Bus Expo held from December 9 to 11 in Shanghai.

All three smart network-based city buses carry “luxury configurations” like 360 degree panoramic view and ADAS. The buses all feature low-floor design, and when the ECAS stair pedal lowering function is activated, the distance between the passenger door and the ground is as narrow as 28 centimeters, enabling a convenient one-step mount or dismount. There are also spacious interior spaces and wide doors that can easily cope with large passenger flow volumes.

“Since Shanghai’s first trolleybus got hooked up in 1914, the 100 year history of this public transportation system has not only witnessed the change of people’s way of life but also the shift of history and technological advancement. The arrival of the next-gen SUNWIN double-source trolleybuses marks another big leap in the development of the trolleybus system and is set to usher in a new era of urban transportation powered by smart city buses using smart features,” said Gui Longming, General Manager of SUNWIN.

In the second half of 2020, SUNWIN double-source trolleybuses successfully passed separated line, automatic deviation capture, and dielectric withstand tests. They have been integrated with a smart lifting trolley pole that can automatically hook up to the power grid and operate in both on-grid and off-grid modes. It is also equipped with advanced isolated DC/DC to maximize safety.

Smart city buses have arrived

SUNWIN smart city bus is an all-weather L4 new-energy smart city bus powered by SAIC’s “smart driving” platform solutions, and SUNWIN’s smart network-based technology application and development. The bus is equipped with various sensors which are integrated for precise environment perception. It also combines GPS differential positioning, inertial navigation positioning and laser SLAM positioning technology for centimeter-precision positioning needs in special environments like tunnels and bus stops. Smart driving is now a reality in a myriad of typical operating situations for smart city buses.

Fuel cell takes a new step

The fuel cell electric bus is powered by a PEM fuel cell + iron phosphate-lithium power cell that is characterized by a long cycle life, high safety performance and stable performance under high temperatures. In addition, its hydrogen storage capacity of 24×6L makes battery life no longer a problem. Shanghai plans to build 50 hydrogen refueling stations by 2025 so that overall fuel cell vehicle technology and manufacturing will be on par internationally and the annual output value of the whole fuel cell vehicle industry chain in Shanghai should exceed CNY300 billion by 2030. SUNWIN will continue to lead the hydrogen fuel cell bus industry by leveraging its development experience and SAIC’s technology cluster.

A decade has lapsed since the exclusive supply of new-energy city buses for large-scale operation at 2010 Shanghai World Expo to the delivery of more than 2,300 new-generation smart network-based buses in 2020, and SUNWIN has kept pace with the market, persisting with technological innovation and guaranteeing a constant global supply of new-energy products and smart public transportation solutions.

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