Sungrow’s 10-Year-Old Inverters Passed the Latest Weak Gird Evaluation Without Technical Reform


HEFEI, China, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced that its 10-year-old inverters have passed the latest stringent testing requirements of stable operation under the weak grid condition, making it the first and only company that meets this rigorous evaluation in China solely by upgrading software, without replacing with new inverters.

For the sake of reliable power operation and transmission through ±800 kV UHVDC line from Qinghai to Henan, China, which is the world’s first ultra-high-voltage power transmission channel for clean energy, harsh regulations are newly formulated by Power Dispatch Control Center of Qinghai Province & China Electric Power Research Institute. Per the regulations, all PV plants in Qinghai are required to perform stably even when short circuit ratio falls to 1.5, and inverters must have the ability of high voltage, low voltage and continuous voltage riding through under AC or DC fault of the grid.

Sungrow inverters, which have been stably running for over 10 years, successfully passed all the tests and can meet the latest grid connect standards only by software upgradation, demonstrating its advanced technology. Whereas other brand inverters may need to be replaced entirely, as the company might have exited inverter business or it can’t upgrade because of technical issues. Compared with replacing some parts or whole old inverters, software upgrading is a more ideal way for the technical transformation of old PV plants to save cost and improve power generation.

As the proportion of new energy is rising increasingly all over the world, Sungrow has been an industry pioneer of suggesting PV plants to switch from adapting to supporting power grid since years ago. With the industry’s largest R&D team and 23-year proven track record, Sungrow will stick to provide high-quality and cutting-edge products to customers and devote all the efforts to more stable, cost-saving clean power.

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