SECI issues tender for 1,200 MW solar projects with storage


The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has invited bids from developers for setting up 1,200 MW interstate transmission system connected solar projects along with 600 MW/ 1,200 MWh energy storage systems (ESS). To be set up anywhere in India, Tranche XV, the projects will be set up on the basis of build, own, and operate model.

According to the tender guidelines, the solar power developer is obligated to establish solar power projects connected to the interstate transmission system (ISTS) with ESS, encompassing the transmission infrastructure up to the interconnection or delivery point. The primary aim is to supply solar power to SECI at its own expense. The bidders are required to furnish Rs 1.29 milllion as an earnest money deposit. Before signing a power purchase agreement, the developers are required to submit Rs 3.24 million per MW per project as a performance bank guarantee. The bid submission deadline is April 26, 2024.

Additionally, it is compulsory to install ESS of a minimum capacity of 0.5 MW for every 1 MW of project capacity. These systems must be designed to connect with the ISTS or intra-state transmission system in accordance with existing regulations. The developer will be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals, permits, and clearances required for establishing the project and/or transmission network. This includes approvals from the state government and local authorities. The developer will also be responsible for land identification, project installation, and ownership, as well as securing connectivity and obtaining necessary approvals for interconnection with the ISTS network. The declared annual capacity utilisation factor (CUF) should be at least 17 per cent. The winning developers are required to maintain annual CUF ranging between +10 per cent and -15 per cent of the declared value. Furthermore, SECI has mandated the use of indigenously manufactured solar modules from the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers.

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