Schneider Electric Pioneers EcoStruxure Microgrid Solution in Canada


Schneider Electric has announced its EcoStruxure Microgrid Solution for Small & Medium Buildings in Canada. The all-in-one solution provides easy integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) across facilities – including commercial and industrial buildings, healthcare facilities and educational institutions – providing organizations with greater energy resiliency, reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint.

“The energy landscape is undergoing a massive transformation, and the adoption of renewable energy plays a critical role in helping us offset dependency on the traditional grid and reduce our carbon emissions,” said Pratap Revuru, Director of Microgrid Solutions and Strategic Partnerships, Schneider Electric. “It’s encouraging to see businesses adopt distributed energy resources, but the complexity of these systems can be overwhelming. Our EcoStruxure Microgrid Solution is simple to install and cost-effective, so businesses can focus on getting the most out of their energy management system.”

The EcoStruxure Microgrid Solution was designed to help organizations in easily managing the increased complexity of grids that has accompanied the rise in DERs. Significant features include:

  • Grid Connection Management: Provides real-time monitoring of the grid status and manages whether it’s grid-connected or operates in island-mode to ensure continuity of business operations.
  • Off Grid Mode Preparation: Collects incoming weather information and calculates the probability of a storm to help prepare the energy management system for an island event.
  • Demand Charge Reduction: Provides control of DERs to reduce site power consumption during peak periods and determines when to consume, produce, or store energy, to help reduce costs.

Featuring an intuitive web-based EcoStruxure Microgrid Build (EMB) that facilitates a one-click deployment of the solution, EcoStruxure Microgrid Solution is an optimal choice for small and medium businesses that want to optimize their energy usage. As facilities across Canada continue to invest in renewable energy sources and commit to new sustainability targets, It equips these facilities with greater energy resiliency and renewable integration – all with minimal effort required from the user.

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