Rocklin Introduced The Battery-Operated Carbide Applicator

The First Battery-Operated Carbide Applicator


SIOUX CITY, Iowa- Rocklin Manufacturing introduces the first ever battery-operated carbide applicator, the Rocklinizer micro (patent pending). Made in the USA and built on decades of proven technology, the company’s proprietary Rocklinizer spark deposition process applies extremely hard and wear-resistant coatings onto metals, tools, and dies to:

  • Maximize machine life
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Delay capital expenditures
  • Reduce inventory
  • Optimize grip

The powerful lithium-ion battery delivers about three hours of usage in one charge and is rapidly recharged. Alternatively, the 10-lb. unit can be used while plugged in for continuous use.

Electrode material ranging from 60 to 80 Rockwell C in hardness is permanently bonded to a variety of steel surfaces. The user simply adjusts the LED power dial and triggers the handheld rotary applicator to achieve precisely controlled deposits from .0001″ to .003″. 

Coating the same area does not add material to itself unless a higher power setting is selected. This feature ensures both ease of use and a uniform deposit that adheres to tight tolerances. Unlike welding or metal spraying, no appreciable heat is generated, and the electrode material will not separate or flake off the workpiece. After Rocklinizing, no heat treatment, grinding, or other surface treatment is necessary.

Productivity Problems Solved

The Rocklinizer® micro solves a vast array of wear and gripping problems including:

  • Eliminating slug pull back in stamping dies
  • Restoring tolerances in bearings and shafts
  • Extending the life of cutting surfaces
  • Enhancing gripping surfaces on collets, clamps, robot grippers, and medical devices

Rocklin Manufacturing also offers more powerful Rocklinizer® solutions – Models 950 and 850 – that achieve heavier deposits up to .010″ and higher. These deposit levels are ideally suited for industrial applications such as eliminating die casting wear or boosting grip on tube bending dies, among many others.

Company President Ross Rocklin said, “Our team is proud to transform the Rocklinizer® process first developed by my grandfather to introduce first-of-its-kind portability at a low price point. The Rocklinizer® micro is small in size but delivers immense cost savings along with a competitive edge that’s never been more essential.”

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