PJET Electric Vehicle Offering Backed By ALYI Featured

PJET Electric Vehicle Offering Backed By ALYI Featured In ALYI 2022 Strategic Outlook


DALLAS — Priority Aviation, announced the company’s electric vehicle partnership with Alternet Systems, was featured in an ALYI 2022 Strategic Outlook Presentation. ALYI’s partnerships with iQSTEL, and Waterpure were also highlighted in ALYI’s presentation.

PJET recently announced it will soon be introducing electric motorcycles and scooters produced by ALYI for use on university campuses. PJET plans to start taking orders in the first quarter of 2022. The company is launching a university campus roadshow first in Texas where it will bring its electric motorcycle and scooter models to campuses for demonstrations and to take orders.

PJET plans to publish its own 2022 strategic overview presentation next week on Wednesday, Jan 19th.

PJET recently introduced a new business focus delivering technology solutions to improve the student living experience.

The PJET student living technology solution is centered on a Student Housing By Owner (SHBO) App. The development of the App is complete, and the App is now undergoing an internal quality review. The App is expected to launch in production imminently.

PJET is also building a brick-and-mortar component of its business to physically trial and prove parameters for its technology solutions. The company has reached terms to fund and build a student housing residential building in Texas that will support a small private university with an enrollment of approximately 1200 students. 

PJET recently announced that it would add an EV pilot to its brick-and-mortar pilot. The pilot project initiative has now expanded and has grown into a multi-campus sales program.

21 million U.S. college students are estimated to have over $376 billion in spending power. In 2020, students spent $39 billion on food alone. Annual student spending on clothes and accessories is estimated at $67 billion. Universities themselves spend approximately $1 billion annually advertising to the university student demographic.

PJET’s Student Housing App design includes an artificial intelligence engine intended to integrate a network of businesses addressing the student living ecosystem.


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