ORIX to Construct 134 MW Maibara-Koto Energy Storage Plant in Japan


ORIX Corporation has announced plans to construct the Maibara-Koto energy storage plant, with a rated output of 134 MW and a capacity of 548 MWh. The plant will be situated in the city of Maibara, Shiga. The construction will commence in November 2024 and operations in 2027.

Furthermore, ORIX secured the project through a competitive decarbonisation energy auction from the Organisation for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, Japan (OCCTO) which guarantees a fixed income in principle for 20 years.

The plant will be built on a leased 26,000 msq area, owned by Maibara City. ORIX intends to install 140 containers of lithium-ion storage batteries on the site. Apart from this, the company will also develop a multi-purpose square that will be open for public use.

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