Nexteer Expands Driveline Portfolio for EVs

  • Seven Technologies Tailored to Unique Demands of EVs
  • Enhances Durability, Efficiency & Optimizes NVH Performance

AUBURN HILLS – Nexteer Automotive continues expanding its Driveline portfolio with new Halfshaft technologies that are tailored to meet the unique demands of electric vehicles (EVs).

Nexteer’s Halfshaft technologies solve EV challenges by enhancing durability and efficiency while optimizing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance and low mass.

Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, EV architectures utilize Electric Drive Units (EDUs) integrated into the front axle for front wheel drive (FWD), the rear axle for rear wheel drive (RWD) or both for all wheel drive operation (AWD). While ICE vehicles often used a variety of Driveline technologies, EVs rely on Halfshafts for the critical task of transmitting torque from the EDU’s to the wheels.

“The global automotive industry’s commitment to electrification continues to increase, and Nexteer’s Driveline innovations help overcome automakers’ EV challenges so they can create comfortable and durable electric vehicles to achieve consumer preferences across global markets,” said Robin Milavec, Senior Vice President, Executive Board Director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Nexteer Automotive. “Our vast experience with Driveline and our commitment to relentless innovation make Nexteer a preferred technology partner as OEM customers work to meet the unique needs of EVs.”

Nexteer’s Driveline technologies include:

  • Parametric Trunnion Tripot: Increases durability life by 100%, which enables the use of smaller, lighter joints.
  • TriGlide Shudderless Tripot: Achieves industry-leading NVH performance for a shudderless tripot.
  • Ball Spline Axle Halfshaft: A unique Halfshaft solution that provides expanded plunge / angle capabilities, expanded durability and unmatched NVH performance even at ultra-high operating angles.
  • Monobloc Tubular Shaft: Enables lower mass and increased torsional stiffness for RWD and FWD ICE and EV applications with one-piece tubular axle shafts.
  • CrossGlide 8-Ball Plunging Joint: Provides ideal NVH characteristics, lower mass and smaller package size for RWD EV applications.
  • High Efficiency Fixed Center 8-Ball Joint: Delivers a 50% reduction in mechanical efficiency loss in the Driveline while providing a reduced package size and reduced mass for FWD, RWD and AWD EV applications.
  • 52 Degree CV Joint: Expands capability of standard undercut free (UF) style outboard (OB) joint to 52 degrees.

“Nexteer’s portfolio of Halfshaft technologies are essential to transferring and controlling power from an EV’s Drive Unit to its wheels – providing a smooth ride, increasing control and limiting disturbances for drivers and passengers. We are proud to support automakers as they drive toward a more electric future,” said Milavec.

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