LineVision Partners with Northern Ireland Power Utility

Project will utilize real-time and forecasted dynamic line ratings to help unlock capacity for increased renewable energy integration


BELFAST, Northern Ireland – Massachusetts-based LineVision, Inc. has partnered with a large power utility in Northern Ireland to install its patented non-contact sensors to monitor 33kV overhead power lines in the region. The project will utilize real-time and forecasted dynamic line ratings (DLR) to monitor transmission line conductors and uncover additional grid capacity with the purpose of making service more resilient and efficient while unlocking additional throughput capacity allowing for increased integration of renewable energy assets.

Nearly half of the electric power in Northern Ireland is generated by renewables, and with aggressive government targets to achieve 70% RES-E by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050, utilities are turning to innovative solutions like grid enhancing technologies (GETs) to help accelerate the transition. Given the current and forecasted high penetration of renewable energy power generation, energy transmission networks throughout Europe and the United Kingdom are becoming increasingly constrained. The goal of this project is to enhance the utilisation of the existing transmission infrastructure by monitoring the network to determine the enhanced thermal ratings and defer costly network upgrades. This creates the potential for facilitating new transmission interconnections that would otherwise be congested.

Studies have shown that grid enhancing technologies like LineVision’s monitoring systems, can double integration of renewables on existing power lines. While building additional transmission is key to a global energy transition, typically construction of new lines can take 5-10 years, while GETs can help accelerate adaptation of clean energy almost immediately.

“Northern Ireland has the unique characteristics of being a small region with high renewable penetration. LineVision’s non-contact systems use liDAR and EMF sensors combined with advanced analytics to continuously monitor each transmission line and help identify constrained lines.” added Jonathan Marmillo, vice president of product at LineVision and the company’s co-founder. “We are focused on helping our utility clients increase the capacity, flexibility and reliability of their grid. Our goal is to help them take the right, cost effective steps toward achieving the aggressive targets that have been set in the region.”


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