Kohler Power Launched New Clean Energy Line

KOHLER Power Reserve Energy Storage System


KOHLER, Wis. – Kohler Power announced its expanded clean energy offering with the launch of KOHLER Power Reserve energy storage systems – another milestone in Kohler Co.’s global initiative to support sustainability innovations and drive continual improvement within the housing industry. 

“For over 100 years Kohler has provided distributed energy solutions that power the world’s homes and businesses,” says Brian Melka, Kohler Power Group President. “We are leveraging that history of trusted expertise to improve the power resiliency of homes and small businesses through this exciting product launch. Clean energy plays a crucial role in the future of sustainable living and the continued expansion of Kohler Power for the next 100 years.”

KOHLER Power Reserve Energy Storage System

The new line offers customers a modular backup system to store and access the clean energy produced by their home’s solar systems for additional energy savings. Kohler offers both AC- and DC-coupled units, allowing installers and dealers to service all customers with a single, reliable brand and for users to access the type of power source/output required for their homes without purchasing additional accessories.

Additionally, homeowners can access and manage their stored solar power in the KOHLER Power Reserve system through an intuitive app that provides insights into real-time power flow for the home, timeline of power information for the day, historical statistics for the system, and allows users to choose the operation mode for their system (back-up, self-supply, time-of-use or custom) to personalize their battery’s storage and output.

“The new KOHLER Power Reserve product line allows us to support customers who have invested in solar energy for their homes by offering them a smart storage solution to efficiently optimize their home’s power usage,” says Kyle Brandemuhl, Kohler Power General Manager of Residential and Power Products. “With this modular system, homeowners can more easily access their stored solar energy for use at night, on cloudy days, or as a backup system for when the grid goes down.”

For non-solar powered homes, the KOHLER Power Reserve energy storage system offers a way to store energy from the grid during times of lower rates and then rely on the batteries for power during peak rate periods while providing the home with back-up power in case of a power outage.

To learn more about the new KOHLER Power Reserve energy storage system, customers can visit the Kohler Clean Energy website. The new collection joins Kohler Power’s existing residential product lines, including standby and portable generators.

New Opportunity for Dealers

Kohler Power is expanding its dealer program with this new product line, offering the opportunity for existing dealers to diversify their services and for new interested partners to join the Kohler Power Dealer Network. Interested partners can learn more about the advantages of being a Kohler dealer by visiting the Kohler Clean Energy Dealer website.

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