Jakson Green Announces Rs 35 Billion Investment in Renewables and Hydrogen


Jakson Green has reportedly announced a significant investment plan, aiming to raise Rs 35 billion through private equity investors and non-recourse financing. This substantial investment is set to enhance the company’s renewable energy portfolio, with a particular focus on solar utility projects and the development of green hydrogen, methanol, and ethanol. The initiative underscores Jakson Green’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon emissions.

The company plans to channel the funds into expanding its solar utility projects, leveraging its existing global solar project capacity of 5 GWp. This includes 1 GWp of directly owned assets, highlighting Jakson Green’s substantial presence in the renewable energy sector. The investment will also support the development of green hydrogen, a clean fuel alternative that can play a crucial role in decarbonizing various industries. Additionally, the focus on methanol and ethanol production aligns with global trends towards sustainable fuel options.

Jakson Green’s strategy reflects its vision to lead in the transition towards cleaner energy. By tapping into private equity and non-recourse financing, the company aims to bolster its infrastructure and technological capabilities, ensuring sustainable growth and contributing to a greener future. This move is expected to position Jakson Green at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.

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