Gujarat Govt. Announced of New EV Policy

By Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman, Anglian Omega Group and Omega Seiki Mobility


Gujarat gov. will provide a subsidy of Rs 10000/kWh compared to Rs 5000/kWh provided by other states. The total subsidy outlay for the scheme is Rs 870 crores. The state has also decided to waive off registration fees for all electric vehicle buyers.

Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said “The revised EV policy by the Gujarat Govt. is a phenomenal move. This will help in faster adoption of EV’s in the state. The expenditure of Rs 870 crore over the next 4 years will help EVs embellishment in the state of Gujarat. We at Omega Seiki Mobility support this initiative and feel it’s a major step in building up the EV’s Ecosystem. The announcements lately by the centre on FAME II policy followed by the state Govt. giving subsidy will provide much needed boost to the EV’s and will notably make India a significant player in the EV Industry

“We have already deployed our products in the State and will pass on the benefit to the customer” Added Mr. Narang

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