Provision of Solar Panel Plant for Admin Block at Mandovi


Notice inviting tender ( NIT), Provision of solar panel plant for admin block (BLDG NO T34) AT INS Mandovi under age (I) Mandovi costing Rs. 14.50 lakhs (Rupees fourteen lakhs fifty thousand only) (At Par Market) and the period of completion is 180 days. Cost of tender documents is Rs. 500 /-in the shape of DD/Bankers cheque from any schedule Bank in favour of AGE (I) Mandovi and payable at Verem. For any query or information visit Website or portal address at and . The type of contract should be based on IAFW-1779-A & IAFW-2249 with Schedule ‘A’ (Items of Works) to be priced by the tenderer, in the BOQ format attached.

The bids are publishing on 3rd July 2021 at 1800 hrs. The contract will only valid from 17th July 2021 to 24th July 2021 upto 1800 hrs. The bids will be intimated online after completion of evaluation of (cover No. 1).

According to the Tender, the eligibility criteria For MES contractors in Class ‘E’ and above and category ‘b (i)’ subject to satisfactory remarks wrt performance in respect of works in hand as reflected in Work Load return (WLR). The firms not enlisted with MES shall meet the enlistment criteria of Class ‘E’ MES contractors & category ‘b (i)’ i.e, with regard to having satisfactorily completion of requisite value works with Central/State Government/Central/State PSUs/ AWHO / AFNHB / CGEWHO / DGMAP, Annual turnover, Bank Solvency, working capital, T & P, Engineering establishment, no recovery outstanding in any Govt Department, Police verification/Passport etc.

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