Growatt will hold outdoor activity “Go Camping with Growatt”

2023 Growatt USA Outdoor Activity: Creating a Green and Memorable Camping Experience


As a pioneer in the field of green energy, Growatt will hold an outdoor activity “Go Camping with Growatt” to repay supporters of its renewable energy solutions. It’ll be in full swing from May 1st, providing a valuable opportunity for direct face-to-face interaction with end users and enhancing enjoyment like never before.

Event 1: Special for Mother’s Day

This event, which will be held in Colorado on May 14th and coincides with Mother’s Day, is a perfect way to show appreciation for moms, honor these great women, and see firsthand how Growatt’s renewable energy solutions can enhance the camping experience. This event is also designed to bring families together to enjoy the great outdoors and create lasting memories that everyone will cherish for years to come.

Event 2: Cooking Outdoors

On May 21st, Growatt will organize another offline event – “Cooking Outdoors” – in Los Angeles to spark people’s interest in renewable energy solutions by sharing different perspectives about home backup, educating users on how to use green energy solutions effectively, and bringing great convenience to life.

Participants stand a chance to learn more about Growatt’s green energy solutions, enjoy a free buffet, and win valued prizes including INFINITY 1300 portable power station, solar panels, etc. This portable power station is Growatt’s latest and hottest product, which is designed specifically for outdoor sessions and emergency home backup. Take action now and go camping with Growatt.

To participate and win one of these prizes, simply go to Growatt’s official website and sign up between May 1st to May 6th. For any additional live updates, find them on Growatt’s Facebook page.

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