Greenland Technologies Launched Electric Lithium Forklifts


EAST WINDSOR, N.J. – Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation, a technology developer and manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles and drivetrain systems for material handling machineries and vehicles, today announced the launch of its innovative new GEF-series EV forklift, one of the industry’s first lithium powered EV forklift trucks. Deliveries will start in September 2021 in the North American market. 

Raymond Wang, CEO of Greenland, commented, “We are excited to introduce our new line of lithium powered all electric forklift vehicles to the North American market. Our team has done a great job developing what we believe will be an industry disrupting vehicle, based on extensive customer input and engagement. The GEF-series lithium powered electric forklifts offer a big competitive advantage over legacy vehicles powered by lead acid battery arrays, giving customers both financial and operating advantages of electrification in a warehouse fleet. Lithium is the next evolution of electric power with greater power, longer battery life and lower maintenance costs. With the high quality Greenland is known for and a competitive pricing model, we expect strong demand for these vehicles as we continue our expansion in the important North American market.”

Greenland’s GEF Electric Lithium Forklifts are designed with varying rated load capabilities and suited for a wide range of applications, including logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and more.  The new GEF-series lithium powered EV forklift feature three models tailored to meet customer needs and usage environments.

Rated Load (kg/lb)1,800 / 3,9602,500 / 5,5003,500 / 7,700
     Lifting Height (feet)10′
     Lithium Battery (V/Ah)48 / 36048 / 42080 / 420
     Operating Time (hours)6 hours
     Charge Time (hours)2 hours
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