GoodWe announced now officially listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


GoodWe has announced that the IPO of its common stock is now officially listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Solar inverter and storage solutions provider GoodWe has announced that the initial public offering of its common stock is now officially listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The shares began trading on the Shanghai Stock Market on September 4, 2020, under stock code 688390.

“GoodWe has achieved consistent, continuous and sustainable growth for several years and has proven, year after year, that its financial success is a result of its step-by-step approach of strategic growth and consolidation. We have been working relentlessly for over ten years and have reached new frontiers. The IPO marks the beginning of a new chapter,” said CEO Daniel Huang.

“GoodWe is a stable, bankable and sustainable company with a sound financial management strategy. We have achieved good results in a relatively short time and we are confident about the company’s future growth trajectory. At GoodWe we don’t wonder what the future holds, we shape the future with our actions and innovations” added Rong Shen, VP of International Sales.

Following its IPO, GoodWe’s Board of Executive Directors outlined the pillars of its Corporate Growth Strategy.

Leader in Storage

The firm stated that it is already the undisputed leader in the storage segment with 15 percent global market share and is currently ranked as the World’s No.1 residential hybrid inverter supplier by Wood Mackenzie. And that it will continue to expand its storage portfolio to include the latest innovations and continue leading the storage revolution.

Strength in Innovation & Development

The firms’ innovation is the result of continuous and persistent efforts from its 200+ R&D team. Over the course of the next few years, GoodWe will increase funds directed at R&D operations and will expand its team and continue to provide the market with groundbreaking technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency and component resilience, as well as contributing to research in industrial automation and artificial intelligence.

Strength in Utility

The IPO marks GoodWe’s transition from a stable, bankable company to a global multinational backed by international investors and heralds a new era of unlimited opportunities for the company and stakeholders alike. This makes GoodWe a trusted partner for utility-scale projects, where financial readiness is a key component.

The firm concluded by stating that it is committed to contributing to the development of PV technology and its recent IPO is a key event that is going to accelerate that process.

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