FPT Industrial Unveils Advanced Sustainable Transport Solutions at Busworld Turkey


FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of low-environmental impact powertrains, is headed to Istanbul for the 10th edition of Busworld Turkey, a major international trade fair focused on the bus and coach industry.

From May 29 to 31, 2024, FPT Industrial will be a guest at the IVECO BUS stand at the Istanbul Expo Center (Hall 3, booth A07), taking this opportunity to both promote ICE and sustainable battery-powered solutions for mass transport, and helping solidify the position of IVECO BUS powered by FPT Industrial as industry leader in the bus market.

The IVECO BUS E-WAY 100% electric bus is the flag bearer for zero-emission city transport thanks to the 69 kWh eBS69 battery pack for busses, with best-in-class energy density of up to 178 Wh/kg, up to ten years’ warranty, and perfect design for bus applications, optimizing installation in customer vehicles.

IVECO BUS CROSSWAY, the most sold intercity vehicle in Europe, and IVECO BUS EVADYS, the perfect business partner for regional and national route services, both powered by FPT Industrial Cursor 9 diesel Euro VI engines that can also be fueled by HVOs and XTL, are the focal point of ICE evolution in sustainable people transport.

In collaboration with Texas-based Microvast, a market leader in ultra-fast charging long-life battery power systems, FPT Industrial develops battery packs for all application needs and manufactures them in its dedicated ePowertrain plant in Turin (Italy), with different product offerings depending on customer mission profiles and requirements.
The 69 kWh FPT Battery Pack for bus applications is a modular battery pack that incorporates Microvast cells with unique lithium-ion technology for impressive energy density, offering best-in-class performance in city bus applications. Thanks also to NMC technology (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese), the most versatile and high-performance solution to date, the eBS69 offers quick charging. This advanced, well-designed system also offers high energy density and good stability.
One of the major new developments introduced on the E-Way models is the evolution of energy storage, with a modular concept. With 5 to 9 packs depending on the vehicle model, it meets operators’ most demanding requirements in terms of daily range and passenger capacity. The extended battery capacity will allow a range of up to 400 km to be offered, depending on operation conditions.

eBS69 Technical Specifications
Cell Technology: Li-ion
Cooling system: Glycol-Water
Multipack solution: up to 9 packs in parallel
Nominal energy (kWh): 69
Nominal voltage (V): 650
Energy Density [Wh/kg]: 178
C-rate (continuous): 1C (charge) / 1C (discharge)
Cathode technology: NMC 532
Degree of Protection: IP6K9K / IP67
Dimensions [L x W x H, mm]: 1,785 x 700 x 250
Weight [kg]: 389
Life: > 6,000 cycles @ 80% DoD

Cursor 9 engines stand out for their outstanding performance combined with limited fuel consumption. The electronically controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger (EVGT) allows the development of maximum torque of up to 1,700 Nm at as low as 1,200 rpm (Cursor 9 diesel) to cope with any slopes. Torque availability over a wide rpm range guarantees maximum flexibility and fuel efficiency for all Cursor 9 road applications.
Cursor engines boast best-in-class oil change intervals of up to 150,000 km and reduced oil consumption, providing significant advantages in terms of uptime and fluid costs. FPT Industrial’s patented HI-eSCR system makes regeneration unnecessary, thus reducing thermal stress and maintenance requirements.
On the Crossway range, transverse installation provides excellent rear-door passenger flow and easier A/C installation for demanding climate zones.

CURSOR 9 294 kW Technical Specifications
Certification: Euro VI E
No. of cylinders / valves: 6L / 4
Injection System: ECR
Turbocharger: e-VGT
Displacement [liters]: 8.7
Bore x stroke [mm]: 117 x 135
Max Power [kW] @ rpm: 294 @ 2200
Max Torque [Nm] @ rpm: 1,700 @ 1200
Dry Weight [kg]: 860
Dimensions [L x W x H, mm]: 1181 x 1001 x 1079

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