First Photovoltaic Carport Project Using JinkoSolar’s BIPV


JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd, innovative solar module manufacturers, Announced that the first photovoltaic carport project using JinkoSolar’s BIPV products has been connected to the grid in China. As a benchmark demonstration project for the commercialization of BIPV products, this photovoltaic carport will meet the needs of nearly 40 electric vehicles, and the annual power generation capacity can exceed 150,000 kWh.

The project uses JinkoSolar’s high-efficiency BIPV products to replace the traditional roof of the carport. The combination of charging piles and renewable energy electric vehicles will give the carport the double function of vehicle parking and charging. It also increases the effectiveness of land use as well as promotes energy conservation and emission reduction.

This photovoltaic carport project is another successful commercial attempt by the company in the BIPV field, with an annual power generation capacity of more than 150,000 kWh. This new attempt not only expands the diversified scenarios of BIPV applications, but also realizes environmentally friendly purposes.

As a new form of distributed photovoltaic power generation application, BIPV (“Integrated Building Photovoltaics”) has diverse application forms and broad application range. It is a new energy application method strongly supported by the country. JinkoSolar’s BIPV products supplies high power output with high reliability, safety, aesthetics, which mainly focus on professional customization such as distributed photovoltaic, photovoltaic energy storage integration, BIPV building integration and etc.

The successful operation of this photovoltaic carport project proved JinkoSolar’s further success in exploring the diversified application scenarios of PV products. As a leading company in the field of photovoltaic industry, JinkoSolar will continue to explore more PV application scenarios as well as promote high-quality development of renewable energy.

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