ESA Completes First Phase of 3.6 MW Solar Project in Florida


ESA is announcing the completion of the first phase of a new solar farm project in Central Florida, continuing its expansion as a leading provider of clean energy solutions for businesses. This three-phase project is part of ESA’s ongoing efforts to provide pathways to decarbonization for companies and communities nationwide.

The project will consist of three (3) 1.2 MW DC systems that will be built in phases. These systems will be used to support all the electricity needs on-site for a local agricultural leader. The solar farm project will help cut electricity costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create a more reliable source of electricity, and promote clean energy in the region.

The array utilizes a ground-mounted system equipped with Terrasmart Glide racking, a state-of-the-art design built to provide maximum efficiency and stability, making it the perfect choice for this type of installation.

“We are happy to already be wrapping up phase one of this new solar farm project near our home base of Central Florida,” said Justin Vandenbroeck, Executive VP of ESA. “Working alongside local agricultural leaders to promote sustainable energy practices is how we help them meet their growing energy needs. This project will power a cannabis facility, one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity consumption, rivaling data centers and EVs.”

The second phase of this solar farm project is expected to be completed by the end of this year, opening a path for more on-site solar for cannabis facilities. Solar can eliminate costs for growing operations, as electricity can be 30%-50% of the wholesale cost of cannabis production. ESA looks forward to continuing to work with businesses and organizations across the country to promote sustainable energy practices and build a better future for us all.

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