Engineered Power Introduced Sulfuryl Chloride Battery Cells

Engineered Power is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of powerful, high-temperature 165C, C and CC Sulfuryl Li-SO2Cl2 cells.


CALGARY, AB – Engineered Power‘s LXRC-165HT-SC and LXRCC-165-SC high-temperature sulfuryl cells were designed to meet the high temperature requirements of the pressure gauge market. Engineered Power met this need after undergoing over 24 months of extensive R&D and testing. All evidence concluded that these new high-temperature cells meet or exceed all performance specifications of competitor offerings – all at a favorable price point.

Engineered Power is inviting current partners and new customers to inquire about sample cells available for internal testing. In addition to sample cells, EP also provides cell testing at their Calgary-based manufacturing facility and are equipped to handle a range of equipment power profiles for their customers.

For more information about the high-temperature LXRC-165HT-SC and LXRCC-165-SC sulfuryl cells, please contact any one of the Engineered Power team members.

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