Emmvee Group Signed MoU with Hero Future Energies


New Delhi/Bangalore. Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt. Ltd., a pioneering force in solar panel manufacturing, announces a strategic agreement with Hero Future Energies, an independent power producing company in the renewable sector to provide solar modules. Under the agreement, Emmvee will supply up to 600 MWp of high-efficiency solar modules over a two-year period, marking a milestone in the solar industry as two long-standing leaders come together to advance the renewable energy revolution. This agreement marks a significant milestone for both companies, reflecting their commitment to sustainable energy and environmental stewardship. Emmvee, with over 32 years of expertise in solar manufacturing, is poised to deliver cutting-edge solar modules that will power Hero Future Energies’ ambitious projects across India, fuelling the nation’s goal of 500 GW of Renewable Power by 2030

Speaking about the agreement, Srivatsan Iyer, Global CEO, Hero Future Energies, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, “In the face of ongoing global supply chain challenges, our latest strategic agreement with Emmvee allows us to better manage our cost and supply-chain uncertainty and ensures a consistent supply of high-quality modules. This partnership is a key enabler in our journey to fulfil our project pipeline, safeguarding against any potential disruptions that could adversely affect our projects in terms of both cost and timeline. We are thrilled about the opportunities this partnership presents and are eager to work with Emmvee to meet our objectives for sustainable energy.”

Emmvee Photovoltaic Power also welcomed the Agreement, with Rohit Dhar their COO , stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this new journey with Hero Future Energies. This landmark agreement signifies the beginning of a strong and enduring partnership. We are honored to partner with a company that shares our vision for a sustainable future and are confident that our high-quality solar modules will contribute significantly to Hero Future Energies’ projects.”

Both parties are dedicated to fostering a synergistic business relationship with a long-term focus on creating value for stakeholders, driving innovation, and contributing to India’s renewable energy goals. Through this association, Hero Future Energies and Emmvee Photovoltaic Power aim to pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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