The Electric Circuit Updates Its Rates For Fast-Charge Stations


MONTRÉAL — In accordance with Québec provincial regulations published in the Gazette officielle du Québec issue of December 1, 2021, the Electric Circuit is announcing changes to its rates for fast-charge stations in its network beginning February 1, 2022. The new rates for using the fast-charge stations will be adjusted based on the charging station’s power, the power actually supplied to the electric vehicle and the vehicle battery charge level.

These rate adjustments are necessary to support the expansion of the public charging network and improve price equity and access to charging stations.

The new hourly rate based on tiered pricing will apply to 100-kW charging stations, depending on the amount of power delivered to the vehicle. This type of rate offers the following advantages:

  • Better match between price paid and energy supplied to the battery of the electric vehicle, therefore more equitable pricing and more efficient charging.
  • Better management of queues and usage at charging stations.

Prices will be as follows:

22-kW fast-charge stations
50-kW fast-charge stations
$24.78/hCharge level ≥90%
100-kW fast-charge stations
$15.27/h0 to 50 kW
$19.37/h50 to 60 kW
$23.48/h60 to 70 kW
$27.58/h70 to 80 kW
$31.69/h80 to 90 kW
$35.79/h90 to 100 kW
$30.54/h0 to 50 kW (charge level ≥90%)
100-kW+ fast-charge stations

More dynamic and fair pricing

Regardless of the charging scenario, the average cost per kWh to charge a vehicle using a 100-kW fast-charge station will always be essentially equivalent to the current average cost per kWh at 50-kW fast-charge stations. The price to charge a vehicle to above a 90% charge level will double if the power supplied is less than 50 kW. This will help free up the charging stations more quickly for other users and prevent drivers from using the charging stations for full charges. This portion of a charge is very slow for most electric vehicle models and therefore represents unproductive time spent at the charging station.

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