Chargeup Launched ‘TheBigSwap’ Campaign

The thought provoking campaign underscores battery swapping important for EV adoption and environmental protection


New Delhi – Chargeup, Bharat’s largest battery-swapping network for e-rickshaws, is running a digital campaign called ‘#TheBigSwap’ ahead of the World Environment Day. The week-long campaign features an engaging and interactive mix of content highlighting how battery swapping is key to easy and affordable EV adoption.

The core message of the campaign is how environmental implications of the rising GHG emissions such as climate change, melting of glacial ice and loss of endangered species, are being increasingly felt and these cannot be swapped for anything else. Electric mobility is an ideal clean fuel alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, and battery swapping is an easy as well as affordable solution that enables mass adoption of EVs.

Starting with a teaser video, the campaign features daily content pieces highlighting how we are increasingly experiencing the ill-effects of environmental pollution. The mainstay of the campaign is an impactful video which begins by telling audiences how it is not possible to swap the damage that has been done already such as melting of ice caps or loss of endangered species. However, the it is possible to stop further harm by adopting more sustainable options such as EVs as a means of transport. Battery Swapping Services can be easily conducted and have all-round benefits for EV users as well as our environment.

Speaking about this, Mr Varun Goenka, CEO and Co-Founder, Chargeup, said, “Environmental conservation is the top priority for all of us today. We launched #TheBigSwap campaign to reiterate the need for all stakeholders to support battery swapping services which can transform EV adoption in India. Swapping of batteries can make EVs significantly cheaper and bring them within mass reach by reducing the costs and increasing the operational range. Going forward, if we have to build an affordable, efficient and sustainable global EV ecosystem, then battery swapping is going to be a major enabler.”

The video further shows how an e-rickshaw driver visits a Chargeup Battery Swapping Station and within a matter of minutes, he replaces the drained battery pack with a fully charged one. The whole process is quick, transparent and easy, allowing the e-rickshaw driver to get back on the road within minutes.

Adding further, Mr Goenka said, On World Environment Day, through #TheBigSwap campaign, we pledge our commitment to the growth of EV adoption in India and also urge the government and other stakeholders to work together to include EVs and batteries in Priority Sector Lending. We are sure that supporting battery swapping services will aid in increased adoption of EVs.”

In recent years, there has been a lot of intent from the Government of India as well as various state governments to turn their official vehicles into EVs. It is also crucial to enable the country reach its goal of cutting GHG emissions by 30% by then. Alongside producing EVs, India also requires building of a massive battery charging and swapping infrastructure.

EVs are crucial to achieving he objective of sustainable transportation and through its services, Chargeup aims to play a major role in empowering the change. The company is currently providing standardized, high-quality Lithium-ion battery swapping service to e-rickshaw owners and aims to create a nationwide network of battery swapping stations.

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