Bluebird Solar unveils M10 Half Cut PV Modules with 30 Years Warranty

Bluebird Solar

In the pursuit of becoming one of the major contributors in the country’s mission to achieve green energy transition, leading solar module manufacturer, Bluebird Solar Pvt Ltd, has now launched its latest M10 series of products. The new product range of Bluebird Solar includes four premium quality mono-facial and bifacial half-cut solar PV modules, with capacities ranging from 400W to 550W. One of the most unique features of the Bluebird Solar panels is that they offer a ground-breaking first-in-its-class 30-year linear performance warranty; setting a new standard in the solar industry.

The advanced, high-efficiency modules of Bluebird Solar are available in versatile cell configurations, including 108 cells to 144 cells, catering to diverse energy needs. The panels feature cutting-edge M10 cell technology, providing enhanced efficiency and performance. Bluebird Solar panels are offered in both mono-facial and bi-facial categories, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and requirements. Bi-Facial is available in both Glass-glass and glass-transparent back sheet.

“The primary goal of Bluebird Solar has always been to foster a smooth transition towards clean energy, and our new range of M10 products will further catapult our endeavor. This will also significantly contribute towards our target of achieving 2 GW expansion by FY2025 and, in the long term, help the country meet its renewable energy targets. Also, Bluebird Solar has always been committed to leveraging best-in-the-industry technological innovations to manufacture high-quality and high-efficiency products, and our M10 series of products is a testament to it,” noted Bluebird Solar Pvt Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rohit Tikku.

Bluebird boasts a 400MW fully automated manufacturing unit spread across 5 acres of land. Equipped with cutting-edge robotics technology, the hi-tech machinery ensures the production of super-efficient solar PV modules. Moreover, the use of top-tier raw materials guarantees high and unparalleled performance in Bluebird solar panels. With a scalable manufacturing line, Bluebird is currently manufacturing 10BB modules, and can expand to produce 20BB PV Modules in the future. All Bluebird solar panels undergo 2EL testing to ensure microcrack-free PV modules, ensuring the highest standards of quality and durability.

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