An Exclusive Interview with Amitansu Satpathy, Founder and Group MD, BPE

An Exclusive Interview with Amitansu Satpathy, Founder and Group Managing Director, Best Power Equipments (BPE)Urja Daily: How do you take your association with Best Power Equipment?Amitansu Satpathy: Best Power Equipment is my dream come true. I had established the company in 2000 and after a lot of challenges the brand of BPE has been established in India and abroad—well known for its power backup solutions. My association with BPE is not only on entrepreneurship but that of seeing your own baby grow. To see and plan BPE grow from strength to strength has been one of the biggest achievements.Urja Daily: What are your priorities in the business and how do you achieve new heights in the UPS Business? Please explain.Amitansu Satpathy: BPE believes in creating a positive impact on society by innovatively designing its power solutions products that are environment-friendly and sustainable. In the era of digitisation, where technology is changing everyday, it is important to invest in research and development, the quest to be the best power solution for multiple industries has helped BPE launch an array of product & solutions. Our priority is to adhere to best quality products and offer the most appropriate solution to the clients. We target to align with Industry 4.0 and embrace innovative solutions that can cater to all clients at competitive prices.Urja Daily: What are the different products and solutions which you are providing for the Urban Mobility Sector?Amitansu Satpathy: An In-vehicle Uninterruptible Power Source or automotive UPS is an electrical apparatus which is used to provide electric supply to the vehicle when the vehicle battery voltage goes below a predetermined voltage level. Urban Mobility is on a growth spree, with the intervention of high-speed vehicles and electric vehicles. The market will need charging solutions, power back-up not only in-vehicle but also at the charging stations. It is an emerging market and we will see how it manifests.We recently acquired another factory at Greater Noida where we are trying to do assembly of Li-ion battery. This is an upcoming area. In the Li-ion space, we don’t want to focus on e-mobility but rather on high voltage DC solutions for our UPS systems.Urja Daily: What do you think about the expanding Indian Market? Are there any major changes going to come in the near future?Amitansu Satpathy: The UPS market in India is ever expanding. With power situation still a bit unstable and quality of power supply emerging as one of the biggest requirements for IT and ITeS-based industries, it is pertinent that dependence on UPS will continue to grow. As per a report from Research on Global Markets, the Indian UPS market is expected to reach ₹ 99.83 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 11.97 percent. Apart from IT, the entertainment industry, digitisation revolution in all industry demands UPS. Besides, there is rising demand from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well.Urja Daily: What are the specifications of your products which make them different from that of the other manufactures? Could you please tell us something about it?Amitansu Satpathy: We have a range of products category from Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Customized smart rack solutions, Data Center Solutions, IOT remote monitoring solutions and Energy Storage Solutions. What makes us different from other UPS manufacturers is that we have understood our range of customers very well. Knowledge and ability to offer customised solutions to the different industries is our strength. Added to this is the after-sales support that BPE provides. We sell nearly 60,000 UPS domestically and overseas, and we cater to each customer if they face any issue. With simplified, over-the-clock services, we enable customers to minimize business interruptions, improve system availability, enhance the manageability of power devices and optimize the cost of ownership.Urja Daily: In India how do you see the latest rapid changing trends in the Power Sector?Amitansu Satpathy: In the coming years, the industry will be inclined towards trends like Security, Energy Management, Power outages, and Power disruptions. These will also play a pivotal role in the growth of the industry towards more sustainable and reliable machinery. Emerging digitisation will also need more research and development pertaining to every industry. These laboratories have to be equipped with UPS solutions to give the best results. Pertaining to power sector, Decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization are the global trends and India with its focus on Green energy will continue to embrace natural solutions.Urja Daily: What are your marketing strategies for the year 2023-24?Amitansu Satpathy:  The Indian market is huge and an anchor of our growth. We’re just getting started by covering it slowly & steadily. Currently, BPE is booming at an annual growth rate of 17% annually and targets to cater to 60-70 per cent of domestic industry. The oversee footsteps are also multiplying at a rapid rate. We have recently opened our Regional Office at Singapore and is exporting to Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, UAE.
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