ALYI Electric Motorcycle Pilot Report Scheduled For Release


DALLAS – Alternet Systems, Inc. has announced a scheduled electric motorcycle pilot report to provide a comprehensive update on the pilot progress so far and an overview of what to expect going forward.  The pilot report will be published next week on Thursday, July 29th, 2021.

Last week, ALYI confirmed an order for 2,000 electric motorcycles.  The order supports the planned rollout of a comprehensive Electric Vehicle (EV) Rideshare and rental solution in Africa beginning with electric motorcycles.  ALYI has recently launched a comprehensive pilot bringing together a host of partners in Kenya to support a soup to nuts eco-friendly electric motorcycle alternative to Africa’s robust motorcycle taxi market currently dominated by combustion engine bikes.

ALYI is building a comprehensive EV ecosystem solution designed to advance the entire EV sector with perpetual contribution to EV technology advanced by the ongoing participation of EV industry leaders. 

ALYI is targeting the participation of brand name EV industry leaders in an annual EV symposium and conference anchored by an EV race event in Kenya.  The objective of the EV symposium and conference is to advance EV technology by building EV solutions for the African market – a power constrained, rugged environment with one of the lowest per capita transportation deployments in the world.  EV solutions for the African market will be applicable the world around.  EV solutions designed and built in Africa also contribute to building an autonomous African economy.  ALYI plans to make a major announcement next month regarding the EV race that management expects will garner substantial attention to ALYI’s overall EV Ecosystem strategy.

ALYI has seeded its EV ecosystem solution with the development of its own EV motorcycle business.  ALYI has recently initiated an Electric Motorcycle pilot program in Kenya which is already generating results expected to set ALYI’s EV business apart from the competition.

ALYI has published an overview of the pilot program highlighting the pilot objectives.  As the pilot ramps up this month, ALYI management plans to begin sharing featured moments of the pilot program in progress to include pictures and videos.  The pilot is expected to go on for approximately ninety days.

The pilot is being conducted in conjunction with the 2,000 electric motorcycle order, the fulfillment of which is being finalized with results from the pilot.

ALYI has designed its EV ecosystem solution to include democratized participation. ALYI has partnered with ReovltTOKEN to finance ALYI’s growth by offering participation in the EV ecosystem through the sale of Revolt Tokens.


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