All Delhi Govt. Cars to be Electric in Next 6 Months

CM Arvind Kejriwal launched a new campaign, Switch Delhi, to spread awareness about the subsidies worth Rs 30,000 for two- and three-wheelers and up to Rs 1,50,000 for purchasing four-wheelers, provided by the city administration on EVs


Launching the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign to create awareness about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, Kejriwal said, “The campaign aims at informing, encouraging, and motivating each and every person in Delhi to switch from polluting vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles.”

The Delhi government had last year notified the Electric Vehicles policy, which includes incentives worth Rs 30,000 for two and three-wheelers and up to Rs 1,50,000 for purchasing four-wheelers. The subsidy will be transferred to the buyers’ account within three days. The government has also waived road tax and registration fee on electric vehicles.

“The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy has been called the most progressive EV policy in India and among the best globally. The policy was well-received because it sets an ambitious vision for Delhi to drastically reduce air pollution from vehicles and become one of the top cities of the world in terms of the adoption of EVs. Our vision is that by 2024, 25% of all vehicles in Delhi should be OF electric vehicles category. I also urge the youth, who are looking to buy new or their first car or bike, to go for an EV as the Delhi government is giving huge subsidies and there is no road tax or registration charges,” Kejriwal said.

A senior transport official said for the installation of EV charging stations, a centralised tendering system will be adopted to hire an energy operator to run, maintain and upgrade charging stations. “Land-owning agencies will be required to provide land for the installation of public EV charging stations,” the official said.

According to several pollution source apportionment studies, vehicles are among the main causes of pollution in Delhi.

Close to 6,000 new electric vehicles have been registered in the capital are over the past six months, most of which are two and three-wheelers.

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