ZunSolar is Helping Small Businesses to go Solar


ZunSolar is the fastest growing solar panel and battery backup company in India. ZunSolar head office is in Gurgaon and we are distributing solar panels and batteries all across India with multiple offices in UP, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and many more locations.

Today having electricity backup is the most important need for everyone and we are here to solve it. As our nation is achieving great heights by setting up big solar power plants all across the country. So we decided to do the groundwork for taking solar energy to everyone in India making everyone energy-independent.

ZunSolar’s parent company ZunRoof is already the number 1 solar rooftop on-grid systems company in India which has powered more than 7500 solar households. 

What does ZunSolar Do:

ZunSolar provides the off-grid solar systems with inverters and batteries which operate with and without solar panels. Solar is the future of electricity and We specialize in Solar installations to give the best technology at an affordable price so that everyone in India can use this cheap and effective option for power backup.

ZunSolar products are designed by IITians, the country’s best solar engineers. ZunSolar has all products from solar panels, inverters batteries and power back-up combos to provide to all kinds of customer needs. You get the best quality of the solar products with one company anywhere and everywhere in the country.

 How to partner with ZunSolar

Becoming a ZunSolar dealer is not just very easy but also a very profitable opportunity. Along with best products, ZunSolar promises margins of about 20-35% with up to 3% sales incentives.

If you want to start a solar business, please get in touch with zunsolar at 9319816611 or visit their website www.zunsolar.com

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