Verdant Announced Completion of New Microgrid at ThermalVac Technologies

Verdant Microgrid, LLC Announced Completion of New Microgrid at ThermalVac Technologies, Inc. in Orange, California


WASHINGTON : Verdant Microgrid announced the completion of its newest energy storage microgrid at the ThermalVac Technologies a premier brazing, heat treating and metals finishing facility headquarters in Orange, California.

This project deploys state-of-the-art energy storage technology in a demand-reduction mode that will reduce the peak draw of electric power from the customer’s utility.  This results in fewer demand charges from the utility to the customer and significant cost savings.

Verdant collaborated with Eos Energy Enterprises of Edison, NJ, Stronghold Engineering, Inc. of Parris, CA and Gridswitch Asset Management Services of Moon, PA to deploy 4 containerized Znyth aqueous zinc energy storage batteries to provide approximately 500 kW of energy storage for 4 hours per day.  These U.S. manufactured batteries are completely recyclable and use earth abundant, non-conflict minerals in their construction and operation.  The deployment of the Eos batteries in California is supported by that state’s Self Generation Incentive Program (“SGIP”) – a landmark first for the technology.

“This exciting project is another great example of the changing energy market in the U.S.,” said Robert Babcock, Chief Executive of Verdant.  “The customer benefits from advanced battery technology through reduced demand charges on their site, which also provides several hours of resiliency in case of a power outage.  Eos’ batteries are made in America, are fully recyclable, nonflammable and provide a wide range of operating parameters that allows us to match the complicated customer load profile to minimize their demand charges,” continued Babcock. 

“Eos was thrilled to provide the primary energy storage equipment to Verdant for this project,” said William Mao, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos.  He added, “This project also represents our first deployment of our energy storage systems under California’s SGIP program, and we look forward to doing many more similar projects with the Verdant team in the future.” 

Verdant’s affiliate, Gridswitch Asset Management Services, provided construction management services; coordinating the logistics and installation teams that implemented and commissioned the project.  Gridswitch will also provide its GridCare long-term asset and operations management service to Verdant, including through-life performance warranty support required by SGIP.  “Gridswitch will assure the performance and health of the ThermalVac battery installation through our state-of-the-art Operations Center outside of Pittsburgh,” said Paul Tobin, CEO of Gridswitch.  “GridCare includes a comprehensive suite of remote monitoring and reporting and predictive maintenance tools which will provide Verdant and other project stakeholders with real-time insights on the health and efficiency of the system.”

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