Unplugging the EV Market’s Spin :Unicus Research

Insightful research of the winners and losers of the EV industry


Unicus Research will release the most insightful research into the Electric Vehicle (EV) market to date.

The Unicus investigation included interviews with key sources in the EV sector, analysis of supply chain on 6 continents focusing on: minerals, components, makers, sales, limitations and EVs end of life hurdles. What they found is breathtaking.

The electric vehicle sector is among the least understood and most boosted sectors in the world. This report challenges the conventional assumptions on EVs.  Its analysis and conclusions will help investors identify publicly traded and private companies that will succeed, and those that will fail.

The report is $2,999.00 and will be available June 21, 2021.  Only 50 copies are available.

Key elements of this report include:

  • An overview of the electric vehicle, from mining to production to market to disposal 
  • An assessment of the sustainability of EVs and their components
  • How changes in the total cost of ownership of EVs and other vehicles will affect demand 
  • A special focus on the sourcing of minerals critical for EVs 
  • 2030 – Are automakers making empty promises of an immediate electric future? 
  • Valuation creep and the dangers of investors’ “green” colored glasses (are EVs really more environmentally friendly?) 
  • Research in the Battery Management Systems (BMS)—a key and much overlooked critical part of the EV “revolution”
  • An investigation into the infrastructure required by EVs
  • A special focus into problems in the EV supply chain
  • The global power shift underlying the all-electric future
  • EV winners, losers, and companies with hollow promises
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