Trina Storage Elementa shines at Intersolar Europe 2023

Trina Storage Elementa shines at Intersolar Europe 2023, awarded more than 1GWh grid-scale BESS projects across European markets


Trina Storage announced that it has secured several hundred megawatt hours of BESS projects in the UK & German markets utilizing its flagship product Elementa – a utility-scale battery storage system as it was presented at Intersolar Europe 2023, marking the start of the Elementa Gigawatt Era.

Elementa battery solution optimized further with new in-house EMS platform

During Intersolar Europe 2023, Trina Storage showcased the full-scale Elementa product for the first time. The company owns all the R&D efforts along the cell manufacturing as well strong integration capability in Changzhou, China. Fully integrated with Trina’s in-house LFP cells, multi-level Battery Management System and comprehensive fire mitigation & suppression systems, Elementa offers a state-of-the-art, revenue generating grid asset with enhanced safety and optimized cost.

“This is my first time physically seeing the Elementa product. From first viewing it appears to give due consideration to all the key elements that we would be looking for: for example O&M requirements, and how easy it is to address issues or to maintain the product.” Said Liam Breathnack, Technology Director of Grid Scale Battery Storage at SMS plc.

To maximize control as well as performance of its battery assets, Trina Storage also introduced E²MS – expert energy management system. E²MS is a comprehensive software and hardware solution that seamlessly integrates with Trina’s grid scale battery energy storage systems (BESS). It is based on a layered system architecture comprising Power Plant Controller (PLC), SCADA Server and Grid Meter. Embedded with sophisticated evolutionary algorithms, intelligent control strategies, and dedicated hardware interfaces, E²MS precisely collects, analyzes, and interprets real-time & historical data from the battery assets, providing customers with maximized control, efficiency, and sustainability of the BESS. In the long term, it further enables safer operation, enhanced system performance as well as optimized project returns.

Trina Storage Elementa leading the way with over 1GWh projects under construction

Trina Storage has secured hundreds of megawatt hour of BESS projects utilizing its flagship product Elementa, strategically expanding its low-carbon footprint across Europe.  Recently, Trina Storage announced contract closure for another two battery storage projects with DIF Capital Partners, an independent infrastructure fund manager founded in 2005, adding another 180MWh to Trina’s Solar + Storage projects in the UK. Both projects, the 50MW/100MWh Warley project and the 40MW/80MWh Sundon project located in east of England, are two-hour storage projects co-located with solar generation. Trina Storage Elementa BESS solution will be deployed in both projects to shift the peak generation from the PV system when the energy demand fluctuates, adding resilience and flexibility to the site. The Warley and Sundon projects are expected to be commissioned by the end of 2024.

Commenting on these deals, Terry Chen, Head of Overseas Storage Business said, “Our cutting-edge storage solutions are built for the most demanding grid service KPIs and will stand the test of time. We are further ramping up our manufacturing, integration, and testing capacities; now very well positioned to support the continued expansion of the renewable energy sector and make a substantial contribution to the global energy transition.”

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