Total Solar DG has Grown its Portfolio of Operating Solar PV Projects by 60 MW in 2020


Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) has grown its portfolio of operating solar PV projects by 60 MW in 2020, double that of 2019. With customers across nine markets, Total Solar is one of the largest players in the region and continues to be the preferred partner for industry-leading companies.

Notable projects in 2020 include:


  • A 2.7 MWp solar PV carport, purpose-built for Renault Nissan in Chennai. The installation spans an area of 18,000 square metres, protecting new vehicles and providing up to 10 per cent of the facility’s total energy needs.


  • During the last quarter of 2020, 24 sites were completed for Betagro Group – one of Thailand’s largest agro-industrial conglomerates. At 25 MW, this is one of the largest onsite solar portfolios in the region. With a construction timeline of around six months, it also demonstrates Total Solar DG’s ability to successfully implement large-scale projects efficiently, factoring in financing, safety, resources and logistics, without disruption to customers’ operations.
  • A 5 MWp rooftop solar PV system for wood manufacturing company S. Kijchai Enterprise, is being completed. With over 17,500 PV panels, this will be one of the largest single-rooftop solar power plants in Thailand.


  • Several solar facilities were completed for Danone including a 3 MW project in Klaten which will generate around 4 GWh of solar power annually and is the biggest project in Central Java.
  • A 1.3 MWp system for dairy major company Greenfields has just been completed at the largest milk processing plant in South East Asia. The system generates around 1.8 GWh of solar energy, covering around 20 per cent of the plant’s power needs.
  • By early 2021, construction will complete for an 8.4 MWp system for a manufacturer of world-renowned international sports footwear brands. When completed, this will be the largest solar rooftop in Indonesia.


  • At SLNG – Singapore’s liquefied natural gas terminal, a 600 kWp system is nearing completion. SLNG is one of Singapore’s most complex and industrially significant facilities. Construction began in September 2020, and with completion just three months later, this highlights that Total Solar DG can complete projects quickly and safely.
  • In Q2 2020, a 1 MW rooftop solar power system for Bollore Logistics‘ Green Hub was delivered. Covering around 30 per cent of the building’s power needs, the system allows Bollore Logistics to avoid over 11,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime. It is the first of Bollore Logistics’ properties in the region to be solarised.


  • After only entering the market in Q2 2020, business expansion has been rapid with four customers signing with Total Solar DG. Three sites completed construction totalling around 4.2 MWp for customers in the apparel industry, for footwear and garment manufacturers supplying to some of the world’s best-known athletic brands.

“Our combined projects in Asia are currently producing over a hundred gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually and providing customer savings of over 100 million (USD),” said Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar Distributed Generation, Asia. “Onsite solar continues to be the cheapest form of power for Commercial & Industrial customers across the region. Combined with the positive sustainable impact, customers have realised that solar is an easy way to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Despite the exceptionally difficult environment, the results show that 2020 has been a strong year of growth for Total Solar DG.”

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