SINGAPOREc- Toshiba offers a diverse line-up of SCiB lithium-ion batteries for a broad range of applications in industry and social infrastructure.

Applications that use lead-acid batteries or fossil fuel as an energy source are starting to turn to new, cleaner, and greener batteries, such as grid-scale battery storage, a move driven by environmental consciousness. SCiB is also increasingly being used for social infrastructure, such as in trains and ships, where durability and safety are of utmost importance.

Unique characteristics of SCiB(TM) batteries

More automobiles like cars, buses or trucks, are going hybrid or electric in an effort to reduce COemissions. Toshiba offers both high-energy and high-power types of SCiB batteries for such automobiles. The high-energy option is used in trucks and electric buses because these vehicles may need to be driven in extreme conditions or need to repeatedly charge/discharge. The high-power type, on the other hand, is increasingly being used in hybrid cars, where they can efficiently collect and use the regenerative energy generated every time the car brakes.

Rapid charging improves work/service efficiency for EV bus.

SCiB has proven to provide high input/output which improves power efficiency and saves energy, rapid charging to improve work/service efficiency and able to withstand extreme conditions.

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