The Sun Company Offers Renewable Solutions to Help Texas Address Future Weather Events


A bitter snowstorm wreaked havoc on Texas, crippling the state’s power grid and leaving millions of residents without heat, water and electricity. The most dramatic climate event of the year highlights the acceleration of extreme weather and why traditional utilities need to react and adapt to the changing times.

The Sun Company offers a blueprint for forward-thinking change that minimizes the impact of service disruptions. It starts with adopting diversified renewable energy solutions like geothermal, solar and battery storage. Renewable offerings paint a picture of a Texas grid with multiple energy streams, providing true resiliency in the face of disasters.

These solutions also benefit from the opportunity to scale and adapt, making them an innovative solution for governments, businesses and the residential homeowner.

During the height of the polar vortex, some Texans used social media to show how renewable solutions helped. Many utilitized a combination of solar energy and storage that provided hours of electric power and heat independent of the state grid. Solutions like these can help reduce the impact of future disruptions.

The value of these solutions doesn’t stop there. Homes on the electric grid can count on regular rate increases, which averaged 3% per year over the past decade, and many Texans with flexible rates will pay thousands for what limited energy they did receive during the crisis. Solar energy and storage, by contrast, offer a predictable rate that’s much lower and untethered from demand spikes. It represents energy independence for the home or business (a.k.a. retrofit and microgrid solutions).

The Sun Company developed a new storage solution that will provide even more stability in the future. The top batteries in use today typically provide 4 to 8 hours of energy in situations where they are not gaining additional supply. Arriving in late 2022, the new TSC Flow Battery will feature dramatically increased capacity and efficiency that can provide up to five days of power without a recharge. This type of energy storage is unseen and unparalleled in the current market.

Renewable energy is the way of the future. By pulling from multiple renewable resources, residents in every state can benefit from reliable, cost-saving solutions that provide resilience, security and independence.

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