The Sun Collectors Helps Virginia Locals Invest in Solar Energy

The Sun Collectors, a solar company specializing in solar systems for residential, commercial and agricultural use, expands services to Richmond, VA and throughout the state.


The Sun Collectors announced their arrival in Richmond, VA, where they plan to help introduce Virginia locals to the incredible benefits of solar energy. With over 1,000 systems installed in states across the country, the Sun Collectors look to assist residents and businesses wishing to switch to cleaner energy solutions.

The team at the have found one of the main obstacles for people wanting to switch to solar energy is the cost of entry. So, the Sun Collectors strive to help make solar panels more accessible for the average family through state and federal rebates and tax incentives.

“We eliminate the upfront cost of solar panel installation with our $0 down financing and introduce people to solar production incentives offered by their state,” Hunter Trenary, a solar energy consultant for the Sun Collectors, had to say about their process. “Virginia has become a big proponent for solar power by mandating that the state produces 100% renewable energy by 2045. And when I realized that by financing a solar array, I was just trading an electric bill for a solar payment that eventually goes away while increasing my property value, it was just a no-brainer.”

They expect to be entirely up and running in Virginia this February and looks forward to assisting agricultural, residential and commercial clients in cost-effectively producing solar energy.

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