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Cross-Border Electricity

Energy Exchange Malaysia Facilitates Cross-Border Electricity Sale

The Malaysian government has agreed to establish Energy Exchange Malaysia (ENEGEM) to facilitate the cross-border sale of green electricity to neighbouring countries in Southeast...

Honeywell India Boosts Innovation with Deep Science Startup Funding via IISC Partnership

India: Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation (HHSIF) in partnership with Foundation for Science, Innovation and Development (FSID), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), renowned for its...
Battery E-Waste Management

CES Teams Up with EARTHDAY.ORG and Kabadiwalla Connect for Battery E-Waste Management

EARTHDAY.ORG and Kabadiwalla Connect have enlisted Customised Energy Solutions (CES) as a crucial partner in their environmental cleanup initiative. The objective is to improve...
CleanMax partners with Apple to Advance Renewable Energy Adoption in India

CleanMax partners with Apple to Advance Renewable Energy Adoption in India

Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions (Clean Max) and Apple have forged collaboration to advance renewable energy initiatives in India, signifying a major advancement in...

IREDA’s GIFT City Office Boosts Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Manufacturing

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA) has opened an office in GIFT City, Gandhinagar, which will specialize in providing debt options denominated in foreign...