Supply for Module Washing System for 100MW Solar Power Plant at NTPC, Ramagundam


Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Electronics Division, Bangalore is setting up a 100MW (AC) Floating solar photovoltaic (SPV) power plant for NTPC at Ramagundam (Telangana).

The 100MW FSPV Project is divided into 40 discrete Array Blocks of 2.5MW-AC each. These 40 Arrays are spread on approx. 630 acres of the raw water reservoir area of the thermal plant. Each 2.5MW-AC Array has approx. 11200 PV Modules. Of the 40 blocks, 32 Array Blocks are made of M/s Prabh Dayal make of HDPE Floats and balance 8 Array blocks are made of M/s Adtech make. The shape of Array blocks of both makes are different and details of these Blocks are attached as Annexures.

Each 2.5MW Floating Array has a corresponding floating equipment platform placed at an approx. distance of 10mts from the Array.

The module cleaning system to be designed for each 2.5MW Network. Similar system to be used for all 40 nos. of blocks. The auxillary power requirement for the cleaning system to be informed by the vendor. All Module cleaning BOQ items supplied shall be compliant to the corrosion category of the site and complaint to floating environment.

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