Sungrow also Announced the String Inverter SG20RT


DAEGU, South Korea – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, showcased its latest product portfolio including SG350HX, 1+X modular inverters and the updated C&I inverter series during the Green Energy Expo, at Daegu, South Korea. Sungrow also announced the string inverter SG20RT, which has recently gained the KS certificate, will supply upcoming renewable energy projects in Korea.

On this expo, Sungrow’s SG350HX and “1+X” Modular Inverter make a formal debut in Korean Market. SG350HX features a maximum output power of 352 kW, supports large-format high-efficiency and bifacial PV modules and guarantees an incomparable return of investment for stakeholders. The most innovative “1+X” Modular Inverter is expected to lead the next generation inverter designation for large-scale utility solar plants. With three-level modularization, “1+X” Modular Inverter makes future power plant design more flexible and post O&M more convenient.

When launching two game-changing inverters highlighted Sungrow’s presence at this event, the KS-certificated SG20RT unfolds more opportunities ahead for Sungrow in Korean market. KS Certification demonstrates this product’s qualification to Korean technical standards. As a result, SG20RT will enter Korean renewable energy market, and supply many projects in the C&I segments. For example, REMS will soon employ SG20RT solutions in its own solar plants. According to Sungrow technical team, SG20RT is a Multi-MPPT string inverter for 1000 Vdc system. It can generate higher yield with lower start-up and wider MPPT voltage and provide safe and durable power supply with the quick arc fault circuit interrupter, built-in Type II DC& AC SPD. SG20RT is also very user-friendly. The compact and light design makes the installation easy and simple, and the App monitoring makes the commission fast and quick.

Sungrow established its Korean Branch about three years ago and now owns a mature local team offering technical support, sales and after-sale service. Recently, South Korean just allowed direct PPAs for renewable projects with the amendments to the Electric Utility Act, a favorable policy boosting the market. Standing on the growing stage, Sungrow is gaining KS certificate for its various product lines, seeking to forge partnership with more local EPCs, distributors and customers, and maintain its global-leading standard to provide  high-quality solutions and reliable services.

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