Schneider Electric Solar Announced Energy Management Ecosystem with Smart Edge Devices

  • As part of Insight, Schneider Electric’s energy management ecosystem, InsightHome and InsightFacility provide simplified management of solar and storage systems
  • Insight helps homeowners take control of their energy management decisions, making the most of their energy
  • Installers utilize Insight to support their customers remotely, reducing site visits by 50 per cent
  • Insight provides advanced cybersecurity

MISSISSAUGA – Schneider Electric Solar has announced InsightHome and InsightFacility, their newest additions to the Insight Energy Management ecosystem. Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are smart edge devices that connect customers’ Schneider Electric solar and storage systems to the Insight app. InsightHome targets the residential solar and storage market globally. InsightFacility is for large residential and commercial solar and storage systems.

Digital technologies have been transforming energy management. Homeowners want to take command of their energy decisions, such as which energy source they use at different times of the day. They are also looking for ways to optimize energy consumption based on time of use rates and demand charges.

Schneider Electric’s Insight helps homeowners make decisions on their energy footprint. Homeowners see their energy production and consumption from mobile or web apps and control their solar and storage systems.

Installers use Insight to manage their portfolio of installations. Installers can reduce site visits by 50 per cent thanks to Insight’s powerful remote management features. 

InsightHome is perfect for a single-family home with up to 26 kilowatts (kW) of storage. Homeowners utilize the Insight app to monitor their home energy performance in real-time from anywhere and from any device. They can also see their money-savings and reduction in carbon emissions towards a more sustainable future. For installers, advanced features such as wireless connectivity and Li-ion battery integration make it easy to design and configure their customer’s solar and storage systems.

InsightFacility supports larger solar systems of up to three megawatts (MW) or storage systems of up to 50 kilowatts (kW). Portfolio management tools, customizable dashboards and remote control make managing a single commercial site or a large number of commercial sites easy. The cutting edge communication protocols allow for connectivity to utilities, third party inverters and advanced lithium storage technologies.

“Sustainability and energy resilience continue to be top of mind for many of our customers,” says Bernhard Kiechl, VP of Marketing, Research & Development, Schneider Electric Solar. “We’re excited about the evolution of Insight, bringing our customers peace of mind. Insight allows them to control their energy at their fingertips; it’s like having your own powerplant, knowing energy management is in place.”

Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are compatible with Schneider Electric’s hybrid solar &  storage offerings, including the XW and SW lines of storage inverters, the MPPT solar charge controllers and the accessories. For the European and Australian markets, Schneider Electric’s commercial three-phase string inverters are also compatible.

Insight Energy Management Ecosystem

Powerful yet simple, Insight is Schneider Electric’s energy management ecosystem for solar & storage. It provides intuitive mobile and web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and solar professionals alike. Homeowners can easily monitor, operate, and control their solar and storage installation. For installers, powerful features, including remote settings management and firmware updates, make it easy to maintain the sites while keeping truck rolls to a minimum. Insight also offers installers and portfolio managers a suite of portfolio monitoring and management tools, allowing them to keep track of a large number of install sites.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Insight is designed in compliance with international cybersecurity standards. Encrypted communication and user information storage ensure user’s site access and information are always protected, and the data is stored securely.

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