RECOM announces New solar PV inverters

The future of energy management and conversion.


RECOM Technologies launches a compelling inverters lineup to accommodate the fast-growing solar segment, where intelligence, efficiency, and resilience coalesce to create a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Enabling a future-ready energy ecosystem through intelligent management, our range of inverters redefine energy conversion presenting a spectrum of possibilities, starting with Helios Single Phase Single MPPT inverters ranging from 0.6 kW to 3.3 kW and extending to Apollo Dual MPPT inverters covering 2.5 kW to 6.0 kW. At the heart of these solutions is an impressive efficiency of up to 98%, bolstered by the robust shield of IP66 protection for unwavering performance even in demanding environments.

At the core of our vision is a commitment to grid harmonization, embodied by the zero-export feed-in operation. These inverters further embrace forward-thinking design with a DC input that accommodates 200% oversizing, ensuring optimal energy utilization for any setup. Addressing real-world shading scenarios, the built-in Global Maximum Power Point (MPP) scan function optimizes energy yield during shadowing conditions, reflecting our dedication to seamless performance.

For more extensive energy demands, our Atlas Three Phase Series introduces the Dual MPPT range, delivering a power output of 3 kW to 15 kW. This range boasts a peak efficiency of 98.3% and IP66 protection, while offering a low startup voltage and an ultrawide MPPT voltage range to accommodate high-power solar panels. The built-in export power control enhances the adaptability of these solutions to grid dynamics, ensuring a streamlined energy exchange.

Moving towards larger energy systems, our Poseidon & Zeus Multi MPPT Series expands from 17 kW to 275 kW, providing a comprehensive spectrum of choices across the 17 – 30 kW, 40 – 60 kW, 80 – 125 kW and 275kW ranges. With efficiency exceeding 99,03% and IP66 protection, these solutions maintain a low startup voltage and an ultrawide MPPT voltage range. Additionally, SPD type II protection for both AC and DC further reduces the BOS cost providing anti-lightning protection.

Continuing the evolution is our Hybrid Series, with ORION single  phase & TITAN three-phase inverters that allows homeowners to optimize solar energy production, usage and storage. Integrated Dual MPPT & spanning of 3.0-15kW, the series demonstrates remarkable efficiency, reaching up to 98%. The Hybrid series is optimized for both charging and discharging up to 98,5%, minimizing energy loss while maintaining rapid switchover times of under 10 milliseconds.

Notable advancements include minimized energy losses during battery-to-inverter transmission and a unique capability to deliver three-phase unbalanced output up to 50% of nominal output power per phase, enhancing flexibility and ease to the installation. As with the Orion, the Titan series supports zero-export feed-in operation – no power injection to grid.

Performance of these new products can be monitored through RECOM’s live monitoring app, useful for both installers and customers. Installers can benefit the simplified and analytical troubleshooting processes, while customers are granted real-time access to data on both solar energy production and home energy consumption patterns.

RECOM’s new Inverter’s portfolio affirms the company’s dedication to providing customers with an exceptional and dependable experience. The innovative integration perfectly embodies the brand’s unwavering pursuit of excellence as a leading global module manufacturer, guaranteeing unmatched satisfaction at every stage, be it installation, operation, or service.

To further solidify its commitment, the new Inverters’ portfolio comes with an extensive 10-year warranty, providing customers with long-term reliability and peace of mind.

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