QUANTRON Fuels Mobility Revolution with Hydrogen


A gritty and growing team of Detroit entrepreneurs is unlocking the clean mobility future with hydrogen. Quantron US will be at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Anaheim, California from May 2-4 to showcase its two-step solution for operators to easily transition to carbon-free hydrogen fleets. It will show its hydrogen fuel-cell electric (FCEV) semi-truck, as well as expand on plans for Quantron-as-a-Service — a 360-degree turnkey service that gives fleet owners access to everything required to transition to hydrogen.

“Technological, social, and public policy forces are dictating that carbon-free mobility is the future,” said Rick Haas, Quantron US president and CEO. “While these forces mount, fleet operators are left wondering how to make the transition. Electric vehicles only go so far for commercial industries that are transporting large amounts of goods over long distances. Weight, range, recharging times, and sufficient charging infrastructure are all hurdles that fleet operators need to account for. Our hydrogen solution overcomes all of it to unlock the future.”

Created in 2019, Quantron AG is a spinoff of mobility pioneer Haller GmbH + Co KG. Haller started as a horse-drawn carriage business in 1882 and has been leading mobility transformations ever since. Quantron wasted no time building on that history. In Europe, the company currently supplies many customers – including IKEA – with battery and hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles.

“After we found some early success in Europe, we started considering the vast potential for hydrogen fuel solutions in North America,” said Michael Perschke, Quantron AG CEO. “North American-based businesses depend on heavy cargo loads over long routes. Battery technology can’t reliably do that on its own, but hydrogen unlocks the future.”

Quantron US is building Class 8 hydrogen fuel-cell trucks from its headquarters outside Detroit. The hydrogen fuel-cell trucks eliminate range anxiety so that fleet owners can have the confidence to travel long-distance routes. When complete, Quantron expects its trucks to offer a range of about 750 – 850 miles.

Haas started in 2022 as a team of one from his home/business in suburban Detroit, but that changed shortly after the company’s founding when it signed an agreement for an order of up to 500 Class 8 trucks with hydrogen fuel-cell electric powertrains. Haas leaned on 40 years of experience to recruit a small team of veteran vehicle engineering experts.

It’s since been an all-hands-on-deck effort to develop and deploy the first hydrogen-fueled truck. Quantron’s truck uses both a fuel cell and a moderately sized battery to optimize vehicle performance, gradeability, and range. The two power sources work together to manage the vehicle depending on specific road conditions. In the midst of outfitting a Class-8 tractor with its hydrogen fuel cell technology, Quantron is bringing the vehicle to the ACT Expo.

“The vehicle will help open up people’s eyes to the immense benefits that hydrogen provides,” added Haas. “But the turnkey service we offer to fleet owners is what really unlocks the future. Quantron has designed a way to overcome the major cost and infrastructure challenges that severely limit other alternative energy solutions.”

By packaging best-in-class systems in the vehicle with its 360-degree service, Quantron makes it simple and convenient for fleets to begin the transition to clean hydrogen. Quantron-as-a-Service provides vehicles, fuel, and service to fleet operators under a simple per-mile pricing structure. It will soon announce additional details to expand on the service.

Quantron will showcase the current stage of its hydrogen fuel-cell electric semi-truck, along with additional information on Quantron-as-a-Service, at the ACT Expo in booth 5683 on May 2-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

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