PROMISE Announced PegasusPro Fusion Storage for Post Production Collaboration

PegasusPro by PROMISE delivers an advanced storage system to synergize the functions of DAS and NAS with just one click, offering lightning-fast transfers and real-time collaboration


TAIPEI, Sept. 15, 2020 – PROMISE Technology declared a breakthrough in data storage today, with the development of PegasusPro. The world’s first data storage solution to solve the incompatibility of block-based Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) and file-based Network Attached Storage (NAS).

PegasusPro is set to revolutionize the data storage industry by offering unprecedented convenience for users as they click to convert, collaborate and transfer data at lightning speed. With FileBoost technology, PegasusPro leaps over technological hurdles to deliver a true Thunderbolt™ 3 DAS and NAS fusion system for a major improvement in workflow efficiency for digital media collaboration. PegasusPro is designed to enable rapid data transfer from DAS to NAS and vice-versa, a huge time saving performance improvement that is unique in the industry. Multiple team members can connect directly to PegasusPro via Thunderbolt 3, on 4K or even 8K productions; and simultaneously share their work with other team contributors over 10G NAS; all done using a simple, intuitive user interface ‘PROMISE Utility Pro’ after a quick and easy one-time setup procedure.

“PROMISE announced the world’s first Thunderbolt storage Pegasus Series back to 2010. Pegasus Series is known as a DAS storage in the previous models and well recognized by users for the outstanding performance. However, we keep on receiving inquiries from our loyal customers for adding ‘file sharing’ function to meet the demand of collaboration. Therefore, we debut PegasusPro to meet customer expectations for its capability of combining DAS and NAS for the first time without compromising on quality and performance,” said James Lee, CEO of PROMISE Technology. “PegasusPro is a game changer revealing a new chapter for all creative professionals to have the teamwork collaboration in real-time sharing, with unlimited capacity expansion.”

“Thunderbolt provides customers with a leading connectivity standard across a range of devices, helping to deliver great user experiences with simplicity, performance and reliability,” said Jason Ziller, Intel General Manager of the Client Connectivity Division. “Intel is excited to see the continued proliferation of Thunderbolt devices with PROMISE’s introduction of PegasusPro, which brings new capabilities to broader markets. In addition, utilizing Intel® CoreTM processors, PegasusPro delivers remarkable system performance.” 

PegasusPro Features and Benefits

  • Technology Breakthrough: convert from DAS to NAS and vice-versa with patent pending FileBoost for the first time, reducing hours of troublesome transferring and sharing time to just one-click.
  • Investment Protection: aggregate, share content, and expand up to total 6 Pegasus3 and/or Pegasus32 via daisy chain to ensure the best utilization of assets to Pegasus users, in addition, allow to be upgraded and adapted to fit future needs, e.g. 8K definition.
  • No Compromising Performance: embrace high performance Thunderbolt 3 DAS volume for collaborative work­flow features on Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Flame, etc.
  • Ease of Use: ‘Plug and Play’ with intuitive and simple PROMISE Utility Pro to simplify user and data administration, enables seamless transition and ease of use to users.
  • Reliable Data Protection: equipped with robust and proven Promise RAID engine to offer the ease of mind.

The innovative PegasusPro, fits for creative professionals from various industries, ranging from photography, movie and production, to music and entertainment, as well as those seeking the needs of high-quality, high-performance data and editing, such as business players or practitioners in the education, construction and product design sectors, just to name a few.

PegasusPro will offer three models including PegasusPro R16, PegasusPro R8, and PegasusPro G1 to provide customers with flexibility. PegasusPro R16 will be available in September 2020 for purchase worldwide through the PROMISE global network of distributors and value-added resellers. PegasusPro R8 and PegasusPro G1 will be available later this year.

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SOURCEPromise Technology
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